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Informing Land Preservation through Science: The Botany Department of the Morris Arboretum
Dr. Tim Block
The John J. Willaman Director of Botany, Morris Arboretum

The reasons for preserving land range from biodiversity protection to tax benefits. Whatever the reason, most people agree that land preservation is a good idea. To effectively protect land, the questions that need to be addressed include what land should be preserved, and how should land be managed once it is preserved? For many years, the Botany Department at the Morris Arboretum has been actively engaged in science-based studies that help inform decision makers on issues concerning conservation and land protection. These studies include county and municipal natural areas inventories, complete biological inventories for the Pennsylvania Bureau of State Parks and other resource management agencies, and the creation of management strategies for conservation land owners, both public and private. In this talk, we will discuss the importance of land protection, the public perception of preserved land, and the history of the Arboretum's involvement in helping shape conservation priorities in Pennsylvania and beyond.

Sunday, January 26
2 p.m.
Single class scheduled on 1/26/2014 at 2:00PM
Attendees: 1 No Charge
Attendees: 1 No Charge

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